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This is the official and authorised Lois McMaster Bujold website. It is devoted to the award winning Science Fiction and Fantasy author Lois McMaster Bujold. Most of Lois's stories are set in the future and concern the Vorkosigan family and the planet of Barrayar. Her recent novels are from two different fantasy worlds.


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In October 1997 I registered the Domain, this means that the main site can now be found as The name is taken from both "The Dendarii Free Mercenaries" and "The Dendarii Mountains" which appear in the books. A Graphical Home Page using frames can now be used too.

Note: The material on the site is obtained from different sources. Printed material, the Lois-Bujold Mailing List FAQs, and original material for the web site. As a result of this, there is some duplication of information and some material may be oddly formatted.

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