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Most of the material listed below is held at The Bujold Overflow Site, which was created when the limited space at The Bujold Nexus was filled.

The Book Covers, includes American, British, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish designs. Any new covers gratefully received with credit given. [6 Dec 06]
See also the variations on recent Baen covers. [15 May 03]

The Fan Fiction, stories set in Lois's universe, or stuff that wouldn't fit in on the main site. [30 Mar 07]

The FanArt Archive, has been created to include electronic artwork. if you know of any such material please let me know. Includes photos of other media too. [20 Jan 07]

The Filk Archive, is intended to contain every filksong (copyright permitting) which was inspired by Lois' work. Or else a link to all such filks. I haven't managed it yet but I live in hope. [20 Nov 06]
The Dendarii Cats section also includes some interesting artwork.

Some Inspired Merchandise has been produced, particularly by Steve and Scott (see below).

Steve Salaba of SoftWear Toys & Tees has produced his new Lois licensed T-Shirts, details and pictures at the McMaster Bujold T-Shirt webpage. Also found here is a Barrayaran passport, signed by Aral Vorkosigan and Simon Illyan, various patches, and the famous Butter Bug hand puppet.

Scott Merritt of Pegasus Publishing has also produce T-Shirts and other merchandise.

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