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This section lists all the professional artists who have illustrated Lois's work in books and magazines. There are links to some of the cover art, but not unfortunately all.

See the Biblio Page and the Translations Page.

See also Lois's comments on cover art and Baen's recent alternate covers.

Alan Gutierrez:

Shards of Honor Baen, US 0-671-72087-2 (Jun 86)
Ethan of Athos Baen, US 0-671-65604-X, (Dec 86)
Falling Free Baen, US 0-671-65398-9, (Apr 88)
Brothers in Arms Baen, US 0-671-69799-4, (Jan 89)
The Warrior's Apprentice Baen, US 0-671-72066-X, (Feb 91)
Shards of Honor The Readers Chair, US 1-885585-00-4, {Unabridged Audio} (Feb 97)
The Warrior's Apprentice Baen, US 0-671-72066-X, (Mar 97)
Ethan z planety Athos [Ethan of Athos], ISBN 83-86530-15-4 published by Zysk i Ska. Translation by Marzena Polak (1994)

Gary Ruddell:

Borders of Infinity Baen, US 0-671-72093-7, (Oct 91)
Borders of Infinity Baen, US 0-671-57829-4, Limited $1.99 edition, (Sep 99)
Mirror Dance Baen, US 0-671-72210-7, {HardBack} (Mar 94)
Barrayar Baen, US 0-671-72083-X, 2nd Printing New Cover (Sep 95)
Cetaganda Baen, US 0-671-87701-1, {HardBack} (Jan 96)
The Vor Game Baen, US 0-671-72014-7, 4th Printing New Cover (Mar 96)
Memory Baen, US 0-671-87743-7, {HardBack} (Oct 96)
Cordelia's Honor Cordelia's Honor Baen, US 0-671-87749-6, (Nov 96)
Young Miles Baen, US 0-671-87782-8, (Jun 97)
Ethan of Athos Baen, US 0-671-65604-X, (Jul 97)
Barrayar The Reader's Chair, US 0-885585-01-2, {Unabridged Audio} (Aug 97)
The Warrior's Apprentice The Reader's Chair, US 0-885585-01-2, {Unabridged Audio} (Dec 97)
Memory Earthlight, UK 0-671-01607-5, (Apr 98)

Tom Kidd:

The Vor Game Baen, US 0-671-72014-7, (Sep 90)

Patrick Turner

Falling Free Baen, US 0671-57812-X, New Cover (Jun 99)
A Civil Campaign Baen, US 0671-57827-8, {HardBack} (Sep 99)
Miles, Mystery and Mayhem Baen, US 0-671-31858-6, {HardBack} Omnibus edition containing Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos and Labyrinth (Dec 01)

Fred Gambino:

The Vor Game Pan, UK 0-330-32198-6, (8 Oct 93)
Komarr Earthlight, UK 0-671-01783-7, (Sep 98)
A Civil Campaign Earthlight, UK 0-7434-0829-2, (Jun 00)

Stephen Hickman:

The Spirit Ring Baen, US 0-671-72142-9, {HardBack} (Nov 92)
Barrayar Baen, US 0-671-72083-X, 1st Printing (Oct 91)

Bob Eggleton:

Barrayar (SFBC), no more details
Falling Free (SFBC), no details
Dreamweaver's Dilemma NESFA, US 0-915368-66-8, {HardBack} (Feb 96) (Edited by Suford Lewis)

David A Cherry:

Shards of Honor NESFA, US 1-886778-20-5, {HardBack} (Aug 00) (Edited by Suford Lewis)

Walter Velez:

Test of Honor (First cover for SFBC)

Dean Morrissey:

Vorkosigan's Game (SFBC)

A. C. Farley:

Test of Honor (SFBC)

N. Taylor Blanchard:

Barrayar (Easton Press)

Ron Miller:

Borders of Infinity (Easton Press)

Jeff Fisher:

The Vor Game (Easton Press)

Pat Morrissey:

Mirror Dance (Easton Press)

Byron Taylor:

Cetaganda (Easton Press)

Peter Elson:

Falling Free (Headline), UK 0-7472-3242-3
Ethan of Athos (Headline), UK 0-7472-3127-3

Simon Dewey:

The Warrior's Apprentice (Headline), UK 0-7472-3126-5

Tom Stimpson:

Shards of Honour (Headline), UK 0-7472-3125-7

Keith Saife:

Borders of Infinity (Pan), UK 0-330-32221-4

Duncan Storr:

The Spirit Ring (Pan), UK 0-330-32984-7, Trade PaperBack (Dec 93)

Tim Hildebrandt:

Koltsa duhov [Spirit Ring], (Russian) ISBN 5-7841-0264-8 translated by I Gurova, published by AST Publishers and Terra-Fantastika

Vincent DiFate:

Falling Free Cover and interior illustrations of the February 1988 Analog
Falling Free The Reader's Chair, US 0-9624010-9-9, {Unabridged Audio} (Apr 96)
Gravita' Zero [Falling Free] (Italy), translated by Maria Cristina Pietri.
Le Montagne del Dolore [The Mountains of Mourning] (Italy), in the collection I Premi Hugo 1984-1990, translated by Rita Botter Pierangeli.

John Harris:

Il Gioco dei Vor [The Vor Game] (Italy), ISBN 88-429-0420-1, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.
il Ciclo dei Vor [A collection of Barrayar, The Vor Game, Mirror Dance] (Italy), ISBN 88-429-0918-1, all translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.

David B Mattingly:

L'eroe dei Vor [Borders of Infinity] (Italy), translated by Annarita Guarnieri.
Cetaganda [Cetaganda] (Italy), ISBN 88-429-0940-8, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.

James Warhola:

Barrayar [Barrayar] (Italy), ISBN 88-429-0711-1, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.
Barrayar [Barrayar] (Italy), ISBN 88-429-0711-1, Second Edition, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.

Jim Burns:

La Spia dei Dendarii [Ethan of Athos] (Italy), ISBN 88-429-0936-X, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.

Don Maitz:

Ethan s planety Athos [Ethan of Athos] (Russian), ISBN 5-88196-547-7 translated by Alina Astova

Kelly Freas:

Cover and interior illustrations of the August 1989 Analog

Dell Harris:

Cover of February 1990 Analog

Val Lakey Lindahn and Sean Lakey:

Cover of the July 1991 Analog

Ron and Val Lakey Lindahn:

Interior illustrations for the July, August, September 1991 issues of Analog. Cover of the October 1991 Analog

Judy Mitchell:

Interior of the October 1991 Analog

Mark Harrison:

Cover of October 1995 Analog

Mike Aspengren:

Interior illustrations October, November, December and Mid December 1995 Analog

Nicholas Jainschigg:

Women at War US 0-312-85792-6, {HardBack} (Edited with Roland J Green) (Dec 95)

Ron Russell:

Cover Photo Mirror Dance Pan, UK 0-330-33422-0, (8 Sep 95)

Michael Hasted:

Barrayar [Barrayar] (Heyne Germany) ISBN 3-453-07227-8 translated by Michael Morgental
Der Kadett [The Warrior's Apprentice] (Heyne Germany) ISBN 3-453-06602-2 translated by Edda Petri
Der Prinz und der Söldner [The Vor Game] (Heyne Germany) ISBN 3-453-07274-X translated by Michael Morgental - OOP
Scherben der Ehre [Shards of Honor] (Heyne Germany) Scherben der Ehre (Shards of Honor), ISBN 3-453-12810-9 translated by Michael Morgental, Second Edition new cover
Die Quaddies von Cay Habitat [Falling Free] (Heyne Germany) ISBN 3-453-07965-5 translated by Michael Morgental - OOP
Ethan von Athos [Ethan of Athos] (Heyne Germany) ISBN 3-453-08569-8 translated by Michael Morgental - OOP

Eloy Sanchez-Vizcaino:

El Juego de los Vor [The Vor Game] (Nova Spain), ISBN 84-406-3538-5 translated by Adriana Oklander. First edition, (Jun 93)
Fronteras del Infinito [Borders of Infinity] (Nova Spain)

Diego Escalada:

Recuerdos [Memory] (Nova Spain)

Oscar Chichoni:

En caida libre [Falling Free], (Nova Spain), ISBN 84-406-1204-4, translated by Claudia Martinez. First edition, (Feb 90)
El Aprendiz de Guerrero [The Warrior Apprentice], ISBN 84-406-1783-6, translated by Paola Tizzano. First edition, (Feb 91)
Fronteras del Infinito [Borders of Infinity], ISBN 84-406-2526-X, translated by Margara Auerbach. First edition, (Mar 92)

Doug Beekman:

Il Nemico dei Vor [Brothers in Arms], (Italy) ISBN 88-429-0783-3, translated by Maria Cristina Pietri.
The Curse of Chalion Eos, US 0-380-97901-2, {HardBack} (3 Aug 01)

Oliviero Berni:

Terra di Incantesimi [The Spirit Ring], (Italy) translated by Claudia Verpelli, (Jun 94)

Barclay Show:

I due Vorkosigan [Mirror Dance], (Italy) ISBN 88-429-0832-0, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.

John Berkey:

L'onore dei Vor [Shards of Honor], (Italy) ISBN 88-429-0887-8, translated by Gianluigi Zuddas.

Piotr Lukaszewski:

Stan niewolnosci [Falling Free], (Poland), ISBN 83-7180-143-2, translation by Anna Dorota Kaminska, (Nov 97)
Strzepy Honoru [Shards of Honor], (Poland), ISBN 83-86669-72-1, (30 Apr 96)
Barryar [Barrayar], (Poland), ISBN 83-86669-77-5, (30 Jul 96)
Uczen wojownika [The Warrior's Apprentice], (Poland), ISBN 83-7180-185-8, translated by Marcin Szczerbic, (27 May 98)
Granice nieskonczonosci [Borders of Infinity], (Poland), ISBN 83-7180-707-4, translated by Magdalena Gawlik & Dorota Malinowska, (3 Jun 98)
Towarzysze broni [Brothers in Arms], (Poland), ISBN 83-7180-354-0, translated by Bartosz Grudowski, Piotr Szymczak, (11 Dec 98)
Gra [The Vor Game], (Poland), ISBN 83-7180-479-2, translated by Patrycja Fiodorow, (Aug 99)

Andrzej Grzechnik:

Stan niewolnosci [Falling Free] (Poland), originally published in 6 parts, in the magazine Nowa Fantastyka translated by Anna Dorota Kaminska (Sep 95-Feb 96)
Po walce [Aftermath], (Poland), published in "Nowa Fantastyka", March 1996


Miles Vorkosigan [The Vor Game] (France), ISBN 2-277-23288-2 translated by Arlette Rosenblum
Barrayar [Barrayar] (France), ISBN 2-277-23454-0 translated by Michel Deutsch
L'Esprit de L'Anneau Profane [Spirit Ring] (France), ISBN 2-277-23762-0 translated by Iawa Tate
Codelia Vorkosigan [Shards of Honor] (France), ISBN 2-277-23687-X translated by Michel Deutsch
La Danse du Miroir [Mirror Dance] (France), ISBN 2-277-24025-7 translated by Paul Benita
Operation Cay [Falling Free] (France), ISBN 2-290-04511-X translated by Geneviève Blattmann
Un Clone Encombrant [Brothers in Arms] (France), ISBN 2-277-23925-9 translated by Paul Benita
L'Apprentissage du Guerrier [The Warrior's Apprentice] (France), ISBN 2-290-04376-1 translated by Geneviève Blattman
Ethan d'Athos [Ethan of Athos] (France), ISBN 2-290-04640-X translated by Geneviève Blattman
Cetaganda [Cetaganda] (France), ISBN 2-290-04640-X translated by Bernadette Emerich and Alfred Ramani
Memory [Memory] (France), ISBN 2-290-05230-2, translated by Geneviève Blattmann (May 99)
Ekaterin [A Civil Campaign] (France), ISBN 2-290-31172-3, translated by Jean-Pierre Roblain (2001)

Philippe Jozelon:

Les frontières de l'infini [Borders of Infinity] (France), ISBN 2-290-05001-6 translated by Bernadette Emerich


Barrayar [Barrayar] (Spain), ISBN 84-406-4019-6, translated by Margara Auerbach. First edition, (Feb 94)

A Dubovik:

Oskolki chesti [Shards of Honor] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-478-0 translated by T Cherezova
Oskolki chesti Oskolki chesti (Shards of Honor) ISBN 5-237-02746-6, Omnibus edition [Zolotaya Biblioteka Fantastiki (Gold Library of Fiction)] containing Oskolki chesti (Shards of Honor) and Barrayar (Barrayar), translated by Sergey Roy, S Kurdyukov, T Cherezova
Bratya po oruzhiyu [Brothers in Arms] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-519-1 translated by T Cherezova
Igra forov [The Vor Game] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-447-0 translated by I Dernov'
V svobodnom padenii [Falling Free] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-769-0 translated by A Kirichenko
Tanets otrazhenii [Mirror Dance] (Russia), ISBN 5-69700-011-1 translated by T Cherezova
Barrayar [Barrayar] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-670-8 translated by T Cherezova
Cetaganda [Cetaganda] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-979-0 translated by N Kudryashov
Pamyat` [Memory] (Russia), ISBN 5-15-000482-0 translated by O Kosovaserial design by A Salnikov
Komarra [Komarr] (Russia), ISBN 5-237-01686-3 translated by O Kosova
Uchenik voina [The Warrior's Apprentice] (Russia), ISBN 5-88196-479-9 translated by T Cherezova

Takashi Asada:

Senshi shigan [The Warrior's Apprentice] (Japan), ISBN 4-488-69801-8, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (Jan 91)
Jiyu kido [Falling Free] (Japan), ISBN 4-488-69802-6, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (Aug 91)
Shin-ai naru Clone [Brothers in Arms] (Japan), ISBN 4-488-69803-4, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (Dec 93)
Mugen no Kyokai [Borders of Infinity] (Japan), ISBN 4-488-69804-2, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (Jul 94)
Vor Game [The Vor Game] (Japan), ISBN 4-488-69805-0, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (Oct 96)
Meiyo no Kakera [The Shards of Honor] (Japan), ISBN 4-488-69806-9, translated by Ayako Ogiso. First edition (Oct 97)

Esad T. Ribic:

Vorska Igra [The Vor Game] (Croatia), ISBN 953-6166-89-5, translated by Milena Benini

Petar Hristov:

Igrite na Vor, [The Vor Game] (Bulgaria), No ISBN, translated by Mincho Benov
Ogledalen tants, [Mirror Dance] (Bulgaria), No ISBN, translated by Georgi Stoianov
Baraiar, [Barrayar], No ISBN (Bulgaria), translated by Krum Bachvarov

Anat Vardimon:

Resisim Shel Kavod [Shards of Honor] (Israel), ISBN 3-12955, translated by Boaz Weiss.

Thomas Schlück:

De planeet Barrayar [Barrayar] (Holland), ISBN 90-245-3561-1, translated by Josephine Ruitenberg (Jun 99)

Unknown Artist

This section is for those covers where the artist is unknown, or multiple artists.
The Vor Game The Reader's Chair, US 1-885585-03-9 {Unabridged Audio} (May 98)
Cetaganda The Reader's Chair, US 1-885585-04-7, {Unabridged Audio} (Apr 99)
Uchenik voina [The Warrior's Apprentice] (Russian), ISBN 5-237-02668-0, Omnibus edition [Zolotaya Biblioteka Fantastiki (Gold Library of Fiction)] containing Uchenik voina (The Warrior's Apprentice) and Igra forov (The Vor Game), translated by T Cherezova, I Dernov'
Granitsy beskonechnosti [Borders of Infinity] (Russian), ISBN 5-237-02684-2, Omnibus edition [Zolotaya Biblioteka Fantastiki (Gold Library of Fiction)] containing Granitsy beskonechnosti (Borders of Infinity) and Bratya po oruzhiyu (Brothers in Arms), translated by T Cherezova
Tanets otrazhenii [Mirror Dance] (Russian), ISBN 5-237-03128-5, Omnibus edition [Zolotaya Biblioteka Fantastiki (Gold Library of Fiction)] containing Tanets otrazhenii (Mirror Dance) and Pamyat` (Memory), translated by T Cherezova and O Kosova

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